Victor Osahon is one of our many students at our hackerspace in Lagos in Nigeria. Wanting to boost his career as an IT expert, he decided to take a training course in introduction to web development at GOMYCODE.

GOMYCODE is just the right learning atmosphere for me

Learning at GOMYCODE was an amazing experience. I wanted to advance in my career as an IT expert, and it was just the right learning atmosphere for me. When I saw the training program on the website, I immediately knew that this was where I want be doing my training. This is complete and detailed. Moreover, it is rare to find such a detailed curriculum on the sites. On-site, you immediately find a welcoming atmosphere and people ready to listen to you and answer your questions. I immediately felt at ease in this ecosystem.

Here, we meet people who are wonderful humanly but also very strong technically

One of the strengths of GOMYCODE in my opinion is its community. We meet people who are wonderful humanly but also very strong technically. I also learned a lot from other students, their experiences, backgrounds. Almost all of them have had various experiences in the tech world. It is a chance for me to learn from these experiences in order to better orient my career in the future. One thing is certain, I made the right choice by following the web development training and an even better decision by choosing GOMYCODE.

My training at GOMYCODE will allow me to be among the most serious candidates for a job in a big company

What will GOMYCODE bring me? It's a huge plus for my Resume. I am thinking of applying for an internship in a big company. My diploma and my training at GOMYCODE, will allow me to be among the most serious candidates for this position. Another thing, the quality of the training offered here at GOMYCODE is already recognized by many companies, so it is a huge plus for us students. Finally, the network created thanks to the community offers enormous. opportunities. The team, the instructors, the other students, all together, are united.

There is consensus about the quality of the formation of GOMYCODE

If I have an advice to give, it's that if you want to embark on a career in tech, GOMYCODE is the place to be. I recommend it. It is a unique place, with a forward-looking mindset, with a strong and rich community, and above all a quality of formation. Do not hesitate! Join GOMYCODE. You will not regret it!

Join GOMYCODE Nigeria and become a developper. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors on +234 01 888 4669.