Somoye Munirat is one of our students at GOMYCODE Nigeria. Passionate about reading and leading her own online project, she joined GOMYCODE as a FullStack JS student to improve her skills.

Learn by making

Recently graduated, Somoye wants to improve her skill and go further: "As a fresh graduate, i wanted to improve my technical and IT skills" said our student, who sees that GOMYCODE's educational model, which is focused on practice and project-oriented learning, is the best way to achieve her goals

"When I saw GOMYCODE's publications on Instagram, I subscribed and I found it very interesting. It made me want to join the training courses here to improve my skills," explains Somoye.

Become a FullStack JS developer - GOMYCODE
Change your professional path and start a career as a junior FullStack JS developer. The program allows you to undergo intensive training that will allow you to launch a career as a FullStack JS developer and master the technologies demanded by employers.

GOMYCODE? A very well thought out educational model

Having joined GOMYCODE Nigeria for several weeks, our student said she was delighted with her experience: "The training at GOMYCODE taught me a lot. The educational model is very well thought out. In fact, here everything becomes clearer for the student" she asserts.

And in this learning process, the instructor plays a leading role: "Our instructor is really cool. He is very pedagogical and knows perfectly how to get involved in the world of tech. He also gives us a lot of advice on Dos and Don'ts to have a successful career. We also do a lot of practice to learn to code well. It's really learning by making”.

I developed my knowledge, my skills and my network

"GOMYCODE allowed me to develop my knowledge and my skills but also to develop my network. I have met students here, who have become friends, who are very brilliant and who will go far. I am very proud of that, " testifies Somoye, who saw in the GOMYCODE community a real opportunity on which each of the students can rely.

"If I had to advise people around me, I would tell them that if you want to find a job, you have to turn to tech. And to learn tech skills, there is nothing better than GOMYCODE" concludes our student.

Do you want to become a FullStack JS developer? Join GOMYCODE Nigeria and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors at +234 01 888 4669.

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