Samuel Izevbizua is one of our many students in our hackerspace of Lagos in Nigeria. Izevbizua is a 19-year-old Bachelor’s student in Computer Science at Babcock University and decided to join GOMYCODE’s FullStack JS track to supplement his studies.  

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Change your professional path and start a career as a junior FullStack JS developer. The program allows you to undergo intensive training that will allow you to launch a career as a FullStack JS developer and master the technologies demanded by employers.

I joined GOMYCODE with a friend to develop our own project

I heard about GOMYCODE thanks to my friend Dayo. He wanted to join the FullStack JS training. I was interested in it, so I read the training program and also decided to join.  We wanted to learn and build cool stuff together, so this was a good opportunity. He and I are in the same cohort, we follow the training together, and we are developing our own project in parallel.

Coding takes time and needs serious attention to be good enough

When I joined GOMYCODE's FullStack JS training, I quickly understood that coding takes time and needs serious attention to be good enough.  It is easy to be discouraged, especially when you are not seeing a quick result for all of your work. You need to have patience, and it's sometimes complicated when you're a little feisty and excited to learn a new thing. Therefore, I have decided to find my own source of motivation. I have given this course my full attention and hope to be great one day.

The know-how of GOMYCODE instructors greatly facilitates our learning

What I appreciate the most about this training is the fact that my learning is systemic and the training is well organized. I can properly monitor my progress and what I have learnt so far.  Even when I don’t have a full grasp on a super skill, I can always have a meet-up discussion with my cohort to perfect the skill. More so, I have a very engaging instructor who keeps a close eye on my learning, so that I am not lagging behind. This know-how of GOMYCODE instructors greatly facilitates our learning.

I take my FullStack training like a full-time job

I can be full of energy, with no dull moments when I am with my friends. But it's not just social,  it's one of the things that pushes me to learn. I think that I take my FullStack training like a full time Job, but I must say that I am exceptionally inspired by the commitment of the other members of my cohort. People say that Daniel, JiggyboyK, Kesiena, Dayo and the rest of my cohort would make a super team that could bring a great change in the history of tech. I am super excited to have that in my mind, and I hope, thanks to GOMYCODE, to prove them right.

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