Remon Ramy is one of our many instructors in our Cairo hackerspace, in Egypt. A computer science graduate from Misr University for Science and Technology, he teaches his passion at GOMYCODE: the Game Development.

I was just messing around with no clear purpose

I started programming at the age of 14, loved computers, and wanted to learn more. My first programming language was Visual Basic and I was just messing around with no clear purpose at the time. But over time, I knew that it was towards video games that I wanted to go because that is what attracts me the most. It is moreover for this passion that I found myself teaching at GOMYCODE Egypt.

It's never too late to chase your dreams

What I enjoy most about being an instructor is that I really enjoy watching the improvement of my students and then, grasp the significant impact that I did as an instructor. Knowing that a few months ago I met someone who had little or no technical experience, and today they have the potential to be an amazing developer in the market. It is something rewarding. We feel that we are useful not only for the future of our students but also for society.

I also learned that it was never too late to pursue your dreams. Know what you want and work hard to get it. Nothing else matters, nothing else should hold you back. I say this because I have had students who started from scratch and had a goal. They went out of their way to make it happen and today I'm proud to say that they were able to achieve it and launch their careers in video game development.

Any advice? Don't make your learning process useless

The best way to learn, in my opinion, is to put yourself in the position of wanting to achieve something and ignoring how to do it. Set a goal, don't make your learning process useless, because if you do, you will probably lose the motivation to continue. Define your objectives as well, so you can achieve your final destination. The specific tools you need depend on what you're trying to learn, but there are some general rules: The internet is your best friend. Unless you are targeting an untapped market, you will always find online content that will help you learn. The first step in being a good programmer is to be good at researching on the internet effectively. As for soft skills, don't forget to work on your teamwork skills, because it often increases your productivity and keeps you motivated toward the company goals.

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