Omar Abo ElFotouh is one of our many students in our Cairo hackerspace in Egypt. Student at the Engineering Faculty at Ain Shams University, the young man follows our training in Artificial Intelligence.

Create your first artificial Intelligence
Master data vizualisation and data processing by larning AI and Python by joining our artificial intelligence training in GOMYCODE Egypt

I met other students as passionate as me

My first day at GOMYCODE, I was very happy to be there. It was a new environment for me, but it was training that I absolutely wanted to do. As the days went by, the work intensified but it was so exciting that you didn't feel it. The Artificial Intelligence training is really great, and the whole GOMYCODE experience is just perfect. I have also met other students as passionate as me, each for a particular reason. From day one, we all hooked up very well and were all able to discuss our common passion and our goals through this training.

All of the instructors are responsive and friendly

The community here is very important. I met new people, coming from various backgrounds, who are very interesting. We discuss and talk about A.I, its evolution, its impact on other sectors, robotics... everything in fact. We sometimes play chess or board games together. It's pretty cool. Our instructor is also very great. He knows how to be funny and release the pressure when necessary. In fact, all of the instructors here are responsive and friendly and caring. The strength of GOMYCODE is to ensure that in such a short time, we all have the feeling of knowing each other, as if our relationship had existed for decades.

Always continue to learn

Apart from GOMYCODE, I continue to learn a lot about a lot of things. For example, I take part in a lot of contests and hackathons. As I really like robotics, I also participate in events related to this field. I myself recently created a small robot as part of one of these competitions. So if I had to give any advice, it would be to always keep learning new things. Look within yourself for the things that you are passionate about — such as gaming, social networks or whatever — and do training to better understand and master them.

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