Oloruntoba Oluwaseyi Gabriel is one of our many students at our hackerspace of Lagos in Nigeria. The young man, passionate about new technologies, decided to follow our training course in FullStack JS.

I’m excited to change my career to become a FullStack JS developer

I am currently working in digital marketing in Lagos, but I am really excited at the idea of changing careers and becoming a FullStack developer. Before joining GOMYCODE, I was really immersed in digital marketing. I had almost lost hope of finding a good programming school where I could learn how to become a FullStack JS developer. When I saw the GOMYCODE training program and spoke to the team on-site, it was clear that this was an opportunity for me. I did it and today I am very happy with my choice because there are many opportunities in the job market for FullStack developers. Even more, in the long term, this training will allow me to launch the project of my dreams.

It is very rewarding to learn from each other

What I appreciate most about GOMYCODE are the interactive and collaborative sessions I have with other developers in problem-solving. We talk, we defend our ideas and we make them evolve. It is very rewarding to learn from each other. We feed our minds and expand our horizons. It allows the generation of new ideas, new angles of appreciation of things, which really pushes me to be a better version of myself.

The instructor always pushes me to do more

My first day at GOMYCODE was an incredible experience. The welcome was really warm from the team. The environment and the atmosphere within the hackerspace are super cool. Here, all conditions are conducive to learning and mastering new skills. Everything is done so that we, students, focus only on our success.

Another point that I really like here is the community, which is super cool with an amazing instructor and goal-oriented students. My instructor is disciplined, intelligent, and very accessible. He always pushes me to do more. So far, it has been punchy and mind-blowing.

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