Oduwole Doyinsola is one of our many students at our hackerspace of Lagos in Nigeria. The young woman, who had "no knowledge" of programming, decided to take the leap by following the introduction to web development training.

I came into GOMYCODE with no knowledge about Web design or tech

I came to GOMYCODE with no knowledge of Web design or tech, but I was very passionate to see what the learning experience will yield. To tell the truth, for me, to be well integrated into the professional market today, you have to master the new digital tools. This is why I decided to take the introduction to web development training. It is a good first step to discover the world of programming, to have the basics to be able to evolve thereafter towards more complex training courses.

The GOMYCODE certification is a plus to my CV and will help me to find a job

The three months learning experience was a great and amazing opportunity to learn the network and meet incredible people who tutored and mentored me into achieving my goal and inspired me into having an increased desire in the programming/web design field. The certification is a plus to my CV and would be quite helpful in landing my next job in the tech industry. Because that's my final goal: to find a job in the tech world that represents the world of tomorrow, the world of all opportunities.

What a great community: We can count on each other

What GOMYCODE offers in addition, apart from the quality of the training, is this network, this extraordinary community on which each of us can count. In addition to the network of partner companies in GOMYCODE, there is solidarity between the students. We can count on each other. It is a real strength to have such a unity between people of different backgrounds and experiences. It is a real second family.

GOMYCODE is a great place to learn and grow

I will surely recommend GOMYCODE to anyone just starting out their careers in tech. It is a great place to learn and grow, especially since you don't need to have any knowledge before signing up. You just need to be passionate and want to learn. Like me, many people came to GOMYCODE with no knowledge of web development, yet today, I am proud to say that I have mastered the basics. This proves the quality of GOMYCODE training and the effectiveness of its methodology. You have nothing to lose, come on, you won't be disappointed.

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