Musa Victor is one of our instructors at our hackerspace of Lagos, Nigeria, where he teaches the introduction to Artificial Intelligence to our students.

GOMYCODE Learning model is impactful

GOMYCODE is a wonderful experience. It is a unique universe that I particularly appreciate. What I like most here is the philosophy of GOMYCODE: Learn by making. For us instructors, this is not teaching in the traditional sense, but implementing with our students the basis for success through practice. I find this methodology much more impactful for the students because they learn and master better.

Beyond technical training, people are a big part of GOMYCODE

A typical day for an instructor at GOMYCODE is to see individually with the students the progress of their projects. I also prepare and do the workshops and finally give feedback, whether it is individually or collectively with all the students. It's very enriching because we learn from each other, we learn from the experiences of others. This is also why the GOMYCODE model is strong because, beyond technical training, people are a big part of GOMYCODE.

A friendly Instructors/Students relationship

My relationship with my students is professional, but it also becomes more personal over the days and weeks. As an instructor, I care about my students and give 100% to them to be successful. Outside of the hackerspace, we often have lunch together or go out for a coffee together. It becomes a friendly relationship.

When I see student projects taking shape, it is a huge satisfaction

What I appreciate most about my profession as an instructor is having an impact on the knowledge and skills of the students. As an instructor, you see your students evolving day by day. Most have only a vague idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence when they start, so when I see their projects taking shape they amaze me, and that they are satisfied with themselves,  all thanks to what they have learned here, it is a huge satisfaction for me.

Never give up!

My message to my students is to keep going, to never give up. Keep learning new things, keep evolving for the best. GOMYCODE allows this, so take advantage of such an opportunity to train and improve yourself every day.

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