Mohamed Youssry is one of our many instructors at our Cairo hackerspace in Egypt. Graduated from systems and biomedical engineering from Cairo University, he's very enthusiastic about computer science especially problem solving and data science and its applications in the medical field. But what he likes the most is sharing his knowledge with the young people who follow our Kids course.

Teaching Kids? It's a very interesting and passionate hobby for me

I worked as a sales and marketing specialist when I was in college, and I participated in many managerial positions in volunteering activities and events. I worked in the field of project management and computer science education for almost 2 years and I love my career and I hope to be a professional project manager in the field of educational technology.

When I was in college, I participated in many volunteering activities so I learned how to teach others especially kids and I found it a very interesting and useful hobby for me. So that's why I decided to join GOMYCODE and its Kids Track.

My passion for coding came from my curiosity about problem solving

My passion for coding came from my curiosity about problem solving. I love solving puzzles and riddles so I found my passion in problem-solving with coding, There were very competitive problems to solve using coding but I enjoyed the process of figuring them. To the kids who come here, at GOMYCODE, I show them how they can solve small problems through coding. It piques their curiosity and gives them self-confidence.

I learned a lot from the kids that I mentored

Teaching children and teaching adults are two totally different things. What I learned about myself at GOMYCODE is that I have the ability of storytelling and presenting my point in a simple way, so I learned that I was able to simplify and present my concepts as easily as possible. I am skilled in communicating with kids.

I also learned to listen more. You know, society tends to infantilize children too much, yet they are full-fledged people who know exactly what they want, who have goals, and sometimes even a vision of things that we adults don't have. It's a real chance to be their instructor. I'm learning a lot.

It’s easy to start coding

If you want to get started in coding, it is very simple and easy to start, all you need is a good mentor that will lead you through the learning path. Learning to code does not require special skills, which can be disabling. It requires analytical thinking, that is the most important skill, and everything will come after.

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