Ibrahim Mohamed is one of our many students in our hackerspace of Cairo in Egypt. Working as a Front-end developer, the 24-year-old decided to join GOMYCODE to master FullStack JS.

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Learn web development technologies in Egypt: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React and Boostrap. And become a web developer in GOMYCODE Egypt.

I made the right choice by joining GOMYCODE

I am working as a Front-end developer, but since I am a curious person, I needed to go further and master all web development. So I decided to join GOMYCODE to learn FullStack JS. It will also allow me to develop professionally and to be able to aspire to new positions with greater responsibilities. And I think I made the right choice.

The content of the training is rich and well studied

For the moment the training is going very well. The content is well studied, well thought out, and above all very rich. I understand why this is so intensive So far we have studied the Front-end which I already know, and even as a front-end developer I still learned from my instructor, new tips and tricks. There, we've just started the back-end and I'm very excited to find out.

Our instructors are in anticipation of our needs

The community here plays an important role in integration. Instructors, for example, really help you. They are always there for us and most importantly, which is quite interesting, are in anticipation. We feel that they have experience because they know in advance where each student is likely to get stuck. At the same time, they help us to familiarize ourselves with the environment, the place. There are also the students, who day after day become real friends. For some, it is even a second family. I find it very important to have a community that puts us at ease. As part of the FullStack JS training, which is an intensive training, we spend most of our time in the hackerspace. So there has to be this proximity and this cool and good-natured atmosphere to allow us to move forward serenely.

Try and try again, it's only through practice that you improve yourself

If I have an advice for people who want to get started, it's to try and give themselves every chance to succeed. The more you try, the more you make mistakes and the better you learn and master. So if you don't practice, you don't risk moving forward and being better. Try, try again and try again until you become an expert, that's my advice.

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