As usual, the GOMYCODE team is working hard to provide the best possible product for our students and the best possible environment for our instructors.

During the month of June, several new features were added to our platform by our product team to provide an even better experience for our students.

A new dashboard

Our teams have been working hard over the last few weeks to make our dashboard even more intuitive and easy to use.

With this new dashboard, our students can more easily track their progress. They can also see their progress in relation to the overall level and in relation to their group.

In addition, our students will now be able to stay in touch directly through the platform thanks to the Discord discussion channel. This will make it easier for them to talk to each other or to their instructor at any time, simply by accessing the platform.

Finally, thanks to this update, it will be easier for our students to move from one course to another and to access our different training offers more easily. They will be able to search and see the details of more than 35 courses that we offer.

One-to-one meetings are evolving

One-to-one meetings with our instructors are very popular with our students. The problem is that it can be a real time-consuming task for instructors to give each student 15 minutes of face-to-face time.

To remedy this, we launched online one-to-one meetings. Half of the one-to-ones will take place online, while the other half will remain "physical".

Concretely, the student will have an online test to take with a timer. He/she will have to answer each question before the end of the allotted time. The instructor will correct the answers and send back a grade and the correction. This will allow them to follow up better and be on time to validate the progress of our students.

Monitoring our students’ happiness

Every 30 days, our students will see a popup with a form about their experience at GOMYCODE. They will be able to rate their overall experience, their instructor and the content of the program.

This will allow us to continue to improve and provide the best possible experience for our students.

Localized content for every country

We try to provide the best learning experience for our students in all countries. To do this, we are aware of the language barriers. We have added a concluding video at the end of each superskill that will be specific to each Hackerspace. For each country, students will have videos with local experts, using local languages: Wolof - Darija - Arabic - French - English with tutorials and course summaries.

A new update in the “Student’s Performance” section

In an effort to make the experience of all our students as enjoyable as possible, our team has implemented a new way to help our instructors and hackerspace managers better identify students who are struggling or dropping out.

Indeed, in addition to the usual progress bar, already existing, small colored circles have been added to each student to facilitate the work of our instructors and our hackerspace managers. At a glance, they will be able to see which students are ahead and which are behind the expected progress.

Thus, depending on the student's progress, our instructors and hackerspace managers will see either green circles (students having made great learning progress), blue circles (average learning progress), yellow circles (below average progress) or red circles (sign of dropout).

This new method will allow us to better manage students who are struggling and provide them with more assistance and help so that they can catch up.