Hady Farahat is one of our many students at our Cairo hackerspace in Egypt. Aged 24, the young man is working as a computational fluid dynamics engineer and following our training in FullStack JS.

One day my boss asked us who knew how to program, I saw a challenge

My experience at GOMYCODE is fruitful. I already work in programming, but it remains in a very specialized field. I really wanted to deepen my knowledge and skills in the field and have a broader vision of IT development. One day my boss asked us to develop something. I agreed to do it, and it motivated me to follow a training course and develop my skills in the matter. And as luck never happens alone, a few minutes later, GOMYCODE appeared on my Facebook thread. It seemed like a fun place to be successful, so I went for it.

Instructors never get bored with my questions

My first day was cool. On my first day, I didn’t have any impressions, I was still exploring the place and the content that will be offered. The instructors were and still are extremely interactive. They never get bored with my questions and are always ready to repeat and search for answers with me. My training is really going well. I really do enjoy the environment here! It motivates me to get into work as well as being a stress-free place where I can always take a break and refresh my mind.

It is important to know how to seize opportunities to learn new skills

I think after finishing the required task at my job, I will work as a web developer besides my current job, or I may explore more programming languages. Who knows!

My advice to those who want to join GOMYCODE is consistency. Everything will follow. As long as we are consistent in our choices, we will be able to move forward much faster and we can see much further. It is also very important to know how to seize opportunities to learn new skills because we live in a world that advances very quickly and the more skills you master, the more likely you are to find your way.

Do you want to become a FullStack JS developer? Join GOMYCODE Egypt and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors on +20 120 001 3667.

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