Following the successful opening of its first hackerspace in January 2021, GOMYCODE Nigeria is moving to a bigger location and hackerspace in Lagos.

The new hackerspace, located at 230 Herbert Macaulay, Alagomeji-Yaba, is a one of a kind architectural model. The new space is remarkable with  its unique colors and stands out from the other buildings around it. This new hackerspace can accommodate even more students while offering them unparalleled comfort.

A change in line with GOMYCODE's ambitions

After almost a year, GOMYCODE Nigeria is thinking bigger and has bigger ambitions for the tech community. It is to meet these ambitions that we decided to change our hackerspace from a small hackerspace capable of hosting a maximum of 120 students simultaneously to a 5-storey hackerspace capable of hosting up to 600 students at the same time. This move is in line with our ambitions on the continent and will help us to pursue our objectives already started in several other countries.

Comprising of 5 floors, the new GOMYCODE hackerspace has a capacity five times larger than the old one (The previous hackerspace could accommodate 120 students simultaneously, this one can accommodate up to 600 students!).

With 3 floors composed of 4 classrooms each, GOMYCODE is once again pushing their students’ experience to the next level. In addition to classrooms equipped with fiber optics and the most comfortable equipment for student success, the new hackerspace has a rest and relaxation room to allow our students to take a break outside of class or simply to continue working on their projects in a more relaxing setting. Last but not least, our students will have a dedicated parking garage just for them, allowing easier accessibility to the facility.

The second floor of the hackerspace will be occupied by the educational advisors who will now have even more facilities to welcome, inform, guide and support our current and future students.

Finally, a large conference room, with enough seating for 200 people, will allow us to welcome guests for talks and conferences, giving this setting an even greater range.

“This move signals our intentions for and deep commitment to the Nigerian market. Whilst we provide trainings online through what we call our online 'hackerspace', we know from research and our own experience that students prefer in person classes and what we do is to ensure that these classes take place in the best possible spaces” explains Babatunde Olaifa, General Manager of GOMYCODE Nigeria.

He adds: “The move from a 3-room training space to a 5-storey center in the heart of Yaba underscores our commitment to providing quality, relevant and affordable digital skills education to any one in Nigeria looking to future-proof their careers. This is just the beginning. We are expanding rapidly and in a few months we will open hackerspaces in multiple locations in Lagos and Abuja”.

Yaba, a perfect tech district

Yaba is the place to be in the heart of Lagos for the professionals in marketing and technology, the same communities in which GOMYCODE is rooted.

The location of the new hackerspace is also in one of the liveliest areas of Lagos and therefore accessible by car and easy to identify with our large signage above the building and a totem pole from the office. This new space offers more convenience and flexibility to our students. With this new space, GOMYCODE has a new tool to further strengthen its presence in the greater tech community in Nigeria.

So what are you waiting for to join us? Only one address: or directly at our hackerspace located at 230 Herbert Macaulay, Alagomeji-Yaba.