At GoMyCode we believe in the importance of technologies and their revolutionary role in today’s society, here’s a list of the best technologies to learn in 2019:

       1- Artificial Intelligence

AI is basically building machines using data and computer science that are capable to perform tasks that mostly require human intelligence. So you can have a specific image, we give you the example of Siri, the virtual assistant in Apple devices or self-driving cars like Tesla, both of them are concrete examples that are using AI.
AI can be used in different fields like supply chain, retail, software engineering or even finance, it is becoming an essential tool to almost all companies.

       2- Blockchain

It is the technology behind bitcoin. When we talk about blockchain, we are referring to digital information stored in databases. Some may even refer to it as Internet 3.0

       3- Virtual Reality

VR is basically how an individual lives a virtual experience. The users will be in a virtual environment and will be able to interact with a 3D world.
At first, VR was only used in games and fun play, but now companies are looking to change its use and make it even bigger.

       4- Cloud Computing

We are all familiar with the word “Cloud” but what does it mean? Cloud Computing or The Cloud is basically a remote server where you can store, manage and process your data and you have the ability to access it wherever and whenever you are.
This technology is used a lot by companies and its impact is huge for the success of these companies.

      5- React JS


React is JavaScript library created by Facebook and it is used in the front-end web development which means that it is basically used in the development of the view layer of a web site.
If you are passionate about web development, then this technology is for you to learn. Most dev companies are using it and it is highly demanded.
A lot of developers would say that is it an easy and fun technology to learn.

       6- DevOps

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations. Its main goal is to change and improve the relationship between the two business units by providing better communication.
It is mostly used in business to find a common ground between people working in operations and developers.

       7- Internet of Things (IoT)

This technology is looking to revolutionize the internet world. IoT is about expanding the use of the internet beyond computers and smart devices. It is the ability to connect everything to the internet, and by everything we mean EVERYTHING! It makes everything smart and easy to use or access.
So this technology is certainly needed to develop any technique or other technology.

       8- Intelligent Apps (I – Apps)

Intelligent App is a new technology combining other new technologies that are app development, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data analytics.
These Intelligent apps use the data collected from the interactions done with the users to perform in a more relevant and useful matter.

       9- Big Data

Big Data is the process of analyzing an enormous amount of data that cannot be done with traditional processing software. This technology combines artificial intelligence, data science, and IoT.
It is certainly a technology that will never seize to grow because of the growth of the amount of data in the world.

       10- RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is the technology that will allow anyone to configure a robot, making the machine able to perform human tasks in a humanly way by integrating actions into the digital system for it to perform business processes.

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