The tech industry is now taking over the world because innovations and technologies are always surprising us with new advancements and new discoveries that are changing the environment around us and how it is functioning. We went from simple phones that only call and send texts to smartphones that are considered like small computers and give you the possibility to call, text, take pictures, play games, make google search, order any product from food to clothes to other devices whenever and wherever you want.

Technologies are, with no doubt, changing the way we do simple things and they certainly made it easier for us.


In order to get these technologies to function normally, we need a whole team but the problem is, with the growth of the number of businesses that are looking to hire tech people, the tech community in the world do not satisfy this demand and a gap between supply and demand of tech jobs saw the light.
The job opportunities in the tech industry are getting higher by the minute and people need to adapt themselves to this change and growth that is why people that are already in the industry are getting their skills updated and those who are from another industry are thinking about making career changes.

For those who are looking for a professional reconversion and do not know what to choose, we give you 5 jobs that are very demanded in the tech industry and easy to learn:

   1- Data Scientists
For the past few years, Data science has become the talk of everyone. It is the process of analyzing an enormous amount of data to extract meaningful information from it and help businesses have a concrete insight on their environment and especially customers.
If you are good with numbers and data, if you are already in the Finance or any other field that uses analysis and data processing, Data Scientist is the new career that you are looking for because you will use that knowledge in this new domain.
Another important advantage of Data Science is the salary. The average salary in the US in 2018 was $118K.

GoMyCode offers a Data Science course to help people learn the technologies, tools, and techniques to get a career in this field.

2- Web Developer
Web development is about building, creating and maintaining a website. It is one of the most go to jobs for professional reconversion.
The process of web development is done by using multiple technologies and programming languages, libraries and frameworks to reach the final result.
It is not hard to learn them and it do not cost a lot, plus, the number of job opportunities for web developers is extremely high and businesses will never have enough developers because, nowadays, everything is digital.

In GoMyCode, we offer a Full Time program for professional reconversion in order to become a junior developer in FullStack Javascript, the most demanded skills in this field. This program is 100% employability oriented.

3- AI Developer
Artificial Intelligence is about giving machines the ability to function in a humanly way basing its creation on human intelligence which means that machines will be able to think, learn and act like any human and this by making them “smart”.
Businesses are always looking for AI developers because it helps them optimize and facilitate their business processes.

To learn AI development and be part of a community of AI lovers, you can join the Part Time program of GoMyCode.

4- Cloud Engineer
When we are talking about cloud engineers, we refer to cloud computing which is a term that is very common in the world now but people are still wondering what it is exactly. Cloud computing is the process of storing data and accessing it via the internet instead of saving it on your hard drive, it certainly is easier and you don’t have to worry about storage space anymore.
Cloud engineers are responsible for the technical tasks in cloud computing.

Companies are looking more and more to hire cloud engineers in their teams to modernize their environment and make sure to not lose their data when facing technical difficulties or changing from one device to another.

5- Blockchain Developer
Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin, the digital currency. Blockchain is about distributing digital data but do not lot allow for other users to copy it which means that data can only have one owner.
Companies need blockchain developers to manage their personal data and make their applications decentralized that is why they are always looking to hire them.