It’s the last Friday of the month, the whole world is screaming “TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday)  like any other Friday, waiting for the weekend to start so they can get rid of the stress that week brought, we could say that there is nothing special happening.

At GoMyCode, the situation is different since every last Friday of the month is a celebration because it is DEMO DAY! You may wonder what is a “DEMO DAY”, well we are here to explain it.

DEMO DAY is the celebration of the end of the Full-Time Program, during which our students have the opportunity to showcase the fruit of the 12 weeks of hard work by presenting their final projects in a Science Fair to our recruiting partners.

demo day

DEMO DAY is also an opportunity for our recruiting partners not only to interact with our certified students and exchange ideas but also to spot the right profiles to join their teams.

It’s 10 AM, the tension is high and the nerves are wrecked, our students are ready to pitch their final projects to potential recruiters. Partners start to show up.

Friday, April 26th was one of those special Fridays, we got to see our Full-Time students of February’s session grow and present their projects proudly. All of them wanted to prove that the 12 weeks did not go in vain.
Talk and laughter are now filling the place, you could feel the stress going away and relief coming to settle.

At 12 pm, partners start to leave, the most awaited moment is finally here!

Certificates are proudly distributed to our Junior Web Developers.


Students, instructors, and GMC Team members gather to immortalize the moment by taking group pictures.


Pictures time is always the most emotional time of the DEMO DAY, during which we discover the bonds and friendships that have been created during those 12 weeks of intensive training.


At GoMyCode, it’s not only about learning how to code, but it’s also about building and being part of a strong and empowering community.

If you want to be part of our community, join our next sessions of our Fulltime Program to make the change that you want and live an interesting joyful experience.