Demilade Egbowon is one of our many students at our hackerspace of Lagos in Nigeria. The young woman follows a course in digital marketing.

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When you see GOMYCODE as a brand, it’s only logical to want to learn from them

I have always been passionate about marketing, content creation, and the implementation of content strategy but without really studying or going deeper into it. This world has always fascinated me and I absolutely wanted to know how it works, what goes behind the scenes. I decided to remedy this by applying for the digital marketing training at GOMYCODE.

I chose GOMYCODE to follow the training because I saw its professionalism, whether through the website where we find all the information or via social networks where we live the experience indirectly. I saw that GOMYCODE offered several training courses and gave everyone the opportunity to register. There are no restrictive prerequisites. In addition, it offers the possibility of moving forward at its own pace thanks to its innovative platform. Finally, When you see GOMYCODE as a brand, it’s only logical to want to learn from them.

A new experience that boosted me

My first day at GOMYCODE was ... refreshing. It was a discovery for me, a new experience that had the merit of boosting me. This is also why I use the adjective "refreshing" because it gave me new perspectives, new horizons. Both on a human and professional level, we feel ourselves growing wings. It is an experience that you will not live anywhere else because the methodology employed is new and from day one, the stage is set.

We learn to become more mature, we gain confidence

Overall it was a great experience. There are tough times, let's face it. There is a lot of work to be able to be on top and set up your project. This is perhaps the most difficult phase of the experience because it aims to empower us. At first, it seems difficult but then we realize the impact that it can have on us, on our final project but especially from a personal point of view. In addition to mastering a skill, we also gain on a personal level. We learn to become more mature, we gain confidence and this ultimately has a positive impact on the whole learning process. It’s a great experience.

Here you create a professional but also friendly network

The GOMYCODE community is very friendly and free. You can talk to anybody and make connections for life. That's the most interesting thing about this community, is that unlike the University for example, where your circle of friends only lasts for the duration of the journey, here you create a professional but also friendly network. We become friends and we know that we will be able to count on each other after the training.

There is also our instructor who is amazing. She fully understands our expectations, our aspirations, and our fears as well. I think his background and his experiences in the professional world help us a lot. It allows us to anticipate things, to have a broader vision. She also gives us a lot of advice and tips so as not to fall into basic traps. He is truly an endearing person who pushes us to give the best.

It is the ideal place to set up your career life projects

If I had to give advice, it would be to work hard and have a career goal. Even if it is not very clear, even if it is only an embryo of a project, try to develop it while developing your skills. And the best place for that is undoubtedly GOMYCODE. It is the ideal place to set up your career life projects.

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