Anjola Fabamwo is one of our many students at GOMYCODE Nigeria. The young man, always curious to learn new things, chose training in UX design.

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I was looking to change my career path, then i discovered UX Design

I was looking to change my career path. I stumbled across some publications on UX Design, its importance, its impact on websites. I did some research and it marked me. So I said to myself why not retrain in this field. I heard about GOMYCODE, and people told me that it offered excellent training, especially in UX Design. So I signed up.

At GOMYCODE, you quickly get focused on working hard to succeed

My first day at GOMYCODE was very rich and exciting, but also with a lot of apprehension. It's a new world for me, so it's normal not to be 100% ready when you embark on a new adventure. It's normal to have apprehensions, but thank god, it has quickly disappeared. But on the whole, it was very interesting because you feel at ease, forget your apprehensions and quickly get focused on working hard to succeed.

This community becomes a second family on which you can rely

The GOMYCODE community is great. From our first meeting, whether with the other students or the instructor, we quickly exchanged, discussed and got to know each other. I really appreciate every moment I spent with them, because we are in the same adventure, we share the same hopes, the same fears. This community becomes, by force of circumstances, a second family on which you can rely.

Honestly, the experience at GOMYCODE is really fun and different, I really advise everyone to sign up. Do it, do it, it's never too late to learn something new and to know different people.

Do you want to become an UX designer? Join GOMYCODE Nigeria and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors at +234 01 888 4669.

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