Andrew Magdy is one of our many instructors in our Cairo Hackerspace in Egypt. The young man with a bachelor's degree in Communications and Electronics teaches our students web development, both Front-end and Back-end.

I wanted to be an actor, then I discovered a passion for solving real-world problems

I loved watching TV Series and frequently visited lots of theaters. I also joined one of the underground theater teams and played a vital role in our first play. I've always dreamed of becoming an actor. After that, when I grew up, I discovered my passion for solving real-world problems using programming languages. So, that's where I took advantage of my passion and started to become a software engineer. Currently, I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at Vodafone and I'm an instructor at GOMYCODE.

I equated my job as an instructor with problem-solving

By becoming an instructor, I learned a lot about myself. I discovered that I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and helping others. It's a bit normal when you appreciate problem-solving, you start to see everything from this angle. So I equated my job as an instructor with problem-solving: I have students who want to master new languages, so I have to give them everything I can so that they do it in the best possible way. I find it very enriching.

The human dimension is what makes my job amazing!

The human dimension is what makes my job amazing! I realized over the sessions that we had to deal with different profiles of people. Everyone is unique, and therefore has their own roots, their own personality and their own experiences. So I had to adapt my speech, my communication to each of my students. So I was able to develop my communication skills thanks to that and I sincerely loved it. I believe in diversity and everyone deserves a different approach that suits himself/herself. The exposure to different people with different backgrounds, the most pleasant thing that I appreciate the most.

Any advice? Learn to code and don't panic if you find bugs

The advice that I would give to anyone who wants to learn how to code is to be patient, take risks, and don't panic if you find a lot of bugs in front of you. Just relax and have fun solving your bugs. Also ideally: You should learn at least one programming language -I prefer JavaScript-, decide what track you want to master, front-end, back-end, mobile development, etc., and learn how to transfer your thoughts to others and respect others' thoughts.

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