Amr Muhammad, 24 years old, is a web development student at GOMYCODE Egypt. After having been employed by mobile telephone operators, he decided to join GOMYCODE to move forward in his career.

Here, everything is focused on practice.

For our student, his experience at GOMYCODE went very well: "From the first day, I knew it was going to be fun. We didn't feel like we were attending a course in a University where everything is very rigid and where we come to passively learn and give back. On the contrary, things are completely different." explains Amr.

"Here, everything is focused on practice. The instructors are really listening to us. It's a new way of mastering skills and, for me, it's the best, because it's based on self-learning and not about the fact that a professor comes to give you a theoretical course, which most of the time, you don't understand, "adds our student.

An active and responsive community

According to him, the GOMYCODE community has something very special: "The community is in itself an experience that must be lived and experienced. Here everyone is active and reactive. Even the instructors are always there, behind us to encourage us, to follow our evolution, our work. They are qualified and high-level people. Their advice is correct and a great contribution to us ".

"The model means that even among us students, we share our experiences, our knowledge, our activities ... We learn a lot from each other, because there is no one way to achieve a goal. There is several ways of approaching things, and these exchanges allow us to broaden our horizons and our way of thinking, of reflecting "continues Amr.

Master the basics

After being asked what caught his attention the most at GOMYCODE, the young man affirms that the strength of GOMYCODE lies in the fact of giving a solid technical foundation to the students: "It is not a state of mind of giving you everything and then leaving you alone with content that you don't understand. It's the opposite. Everything is designed so that when you get out of here, you have a perfect command of all the basics. This means that when you want to develop your knowledge in web development in the future, this is done much faster and easier ".

For Amr, the experience he has had in our hackerspace is to be recommended to everyone: "I really recommend each company and each employee, whatever their field of activity, to come and master the digital professions because over the years in the future, all professions will be digitized. The world is changing, so we too must change, evolve to master the digital skills that will make the world of tomorrow "he concludes.

Do you want to become a web developer? Join GOMYCODE Egypt and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors on +20 120 001 3667.

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