Ali Zawahry is one of our Artificial Intelligence instructors at our hackerspace of Cairo, Egypt. Self-taught, the young man followed, among other things, the course of Andrew Ng, an American researcher in computer science and associate professor in the department of computer science at Stanford University, a real benchmark in A.I.

Create your first artificial Intelligence
Master data vizualisation and data processing by larning AI and Python by joining our artificial intelligence training in GOMYCODE Egypt

What I like here, as an instructor, is the constant contact with the community

I joined GOMYCODE as an Artificial Intelligence instructor because I like this fun and engaging side that startups offer. It's a pretty cool environment for instructors and students. What I like here, as an instructor, is the constant contact with the community. Everyone has unique learning experiences. Everyone has a unique story. More so, even in terms of skills, the exchanges are very interesting. Discussing UX Design, AI, Digital Marketing, with other students or instructors is enriching for everyone. This is the strength of GOMYCODE.

On a more personal level, I realized that people can have very different ways of learning and interacting with new information. As an instructor, I have learned to pay more attention to the learning styles of the students and to improve my skills towards them.

Learn new technologies but always with a goal in mind

I have been interested in coding from a young age. At least since college. However, looking back, I think one thing caught my attention when I started learning programming with no project in mind. It makes life easier when you learn how to implement something. I will therefore only give one piece of advice: Start now, don't wait any longer, come and master the technologies of tomorrow but have a project in mind! There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to master something with no goal behind it.

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