Ali Abdulaziz is a FullStack JS instructor at our hackerspace of Manama, Bahrain. Perfectly mastering the front-end, the back-end and the different programming languages, the young man enjoys his job as an instructor.

As an instructor, I learn a lot
Here at GOMYCODE, it’s a great experience. It is designed to be a positive and comfortable environment not only for the students but also for us, the instructors. First, here, between instructors, we learn a lot from each other. The chances of learning new skills as an instructor here are very high. It is a great chance for us too, to continue to learn from each other.

Even with our students, it's very enriching. They give us their feedback and help us improve.

Exchanges with instructors from other countries are a real asset

Finally, the fact that GOMYCODE is an international startup means that there is a large community. In this context, exchanges with instructors from other countries are also a real asset. We discuss a lot about our way of doing things, our experiences with our students ... And that's how we improve and grow, both in terms of our technical knowledge and in our way of teaching.

There’s a lot of work made during the first day

Before the first day at GOMYCODE, there is a lot of work. We must first be ready to welcome our students. We must also be able to anticipate their needs in terms of theoretical concepts and practical exercises. Coding is above all writing lines of code and practicing, so we have to prepare many practical cases for our students.

Students and instructors are friends

The relationship between instructors and students is more like friendship. The instructors are encouraging the students to work harder, to do better, to finish their assignments but at the same time, whenever they need some help or support they always find us beside them. I tell my students to work hard, to focus on their goals, and they will achieve what they are trying to do by following the advice that we give them.

Do you want to join our team of instructors at GOMYCODE Bahrain? Apply through our website or contact our advisors on +973 66766141.

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