Alaa Taiseer is one of our many students at our hackerspace of Cairo in Egypt. Following our course in Introduction to video game development, the young woman also joined a company for which she develops applications, to better master what she learns at GOMYCODE.

I joined GOMYCODE by coincidence

Honestly, I joined GOMYCODE by coincidence. I was initially searching for hackerspace for discussions and learning Augmented Reality, not enrolling in game-making courses. When I first opened the GOMYCODE website, I was interested in UI & UX design. But when I saw game development, I told myself that I had a background about it, thus I tested GOMYCODE with it and knew that I have the freedom of changing the track. What leads me to choose game development was my need to learn Unity and C# and I needed them in the Augmented Reality field, something that is really interesting for me.

Our instructor likes to challenge us

To be honest, I was so stressed and worried about this new experience, trying a new field and meeting new people. But this apprehension had quickly disappeared.

For me, the best part of this adventure is the community. Everyone is flexible and helpful. In the beginning, I thought that Remon, my instructor, won't share with us the information’s that we need easily. But afterward, I found that he's really supportive. He always likes to challenge us and teach us how to get the info by ourselves. Even if he is not here I can depend on myself and reach what is needed.

Finally, the whole GOMYCODE methodology is not only useful but above all very pleasant for us, the students.

Seeing your effort is just so exciting and satisfying

The best part of being a game developer is the outcome. Seeing your effort is just so exciting and satisfying! In the community here, I didn’t meet anyone who wasn’t helpful. They are easy and optimistic. I enjoy the motivation emitted from the place here! We work hard, but we see the results of our efforts so that motivates us even more to succeed.

After finishing the course, I plan to work as an indie game developer, but I prefer to work in a big corporation to gain experience first. My advice to anyone willing to join GOMYCODE is to take it easy, don’t panic. I can sum my experience at GOMYCODE as good material, helpful people.

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