Adebayo Idris is one of our many students in our hackerspace of Lagos in Nigeria. The young man, who describes himself as curious and a risk-taker, decided to join our FullStack JS course.

Become a FullStack JS developer - GOMYCODE
Change your professional path and start a career as a junior FullStack JS developer. The program allows you to undergo intensive training that will allow you to launch a career as a FullStack JS developer and master the technologies demanded by employers.

The tech job market is a job-hungry market

I decided to join GOMYCODE because I had a specific goal: to strengthen my knowledge of tech tools. You have to know that today more than ever the world needs tech profiles more than ever. It's a job-hungry market. Here, I have the chance to meet different profiles with different backgrounds. It’s a network that I am creating today.

I needed to master coding in a broad way

I chose the FullStack JS training because I needed to better master front-end and back-end development and better understand the link between the two. The FullStack JS training offers the possibility of mastering development in a broad way, and this is what I needed at the moment before embarking on more specific training later on.

You can feel a form of solidarity between students

My first day here at GOMYCODE was challenging. I had never been in a tech environment before. I had the chance to meet other students who were as passionate as I was and who shared their experiences with me, which I found very enriching. This link created on the first day is very important, it puts us in the right conditions for the rest of the course. You can feel a form of solidarity between us from the start.

The level of students here is just amazing

What I appreciated most here was the learning platform, which is well-developed and well-designed and it allows us to progress at our own pace, even outside the hackerspace. The other aspect I like here is the community. The level of students here is just amazing. We learn a lot from each other. Finally, the role played by the instructors who are the cornerstone of the training here is to be highlighted. Apart from their daily support, their feedback during the one-to-one meetings allows us to better target our weak points and improve them quickly. They are very human, they listen and give very interesting practical advices. In short, it is a great environment, and I am very happy to be part of it.

Don't try to do everything at once

If I had to give one piece of advice to those who want to get into the tech world, it doesn’'t rush into anything. Don't try to do everything at once. Go step by step, master one tool and then move on to the second, then the third... That's the only way you'll achieve excellence.

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