Abdelhamid Touati is one of our many students at our Hackerspace in Manama, Bahrain.

Aged 9, the young boy decided to join GOMYCODE and to attend our course in the development of video games, for which he has a real passion.

Intro. to Video game
Discover the world of video games, get started with Unity and C #, and practice solving simple problems with code.

Deepen my knowledge

I joined GOMYCODE because I have always been attracted by new technologies and especially new information technologies. So I wanted to see what is behind all this and deepen my knowledge in the matter.

Coding helps me to think differently

I chose to take the introduction to video game development course because it develops skills that can be useful in my everyday life. At school, for example, it helps to develop a logical mind, to think differently, out of the box. Even at the math level, it's a plus for me.

A perfect first day at GOMYCODE

I was really excited to come here on the first day. When I opened my Laptop I saw my dream come true because this is what I really wanted to do and master. My first day here was perfect.

GOMYCODE community is motivating

I think the community here is great. There is real mutual aid between everyone and at all levels. It's really motivating to say that this community will be the one that will help the country and the world to better understand the future.

Believe in yourself

I really advise everyone to learn to code because it will really help you in your academic journey. This will allow you to have a rational and organized way of thinking. I will therefore say to those who are still hesitant: Take risks, believe in yourself and come and learn the professions of the future.

Do you want to create your first video game? Join GOMYCODE Bahrain and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors at +973 66766141.

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