Aaron is one of our many students in our hackerspace of Lagos in Nigeria. Working in the fabulous world of Cinema, and especially in film production, he chose to follow his passion for UX Design here at GOMYCODE.

I was looking for a community where I could learn UX design

I recently discovered the world of UX and UI design. It quickly became a new passion for me. So I wanted to know more and master the necessary skills. So I started looking for a community where I could learn UX design in a more structured way than doing it on my own. So I did some research on Google and naturally came across GOMYCODE.

A UX Designer is a problem solver

I chose UX Design because I have always liked to solve problems. UX design is at the heart of the problems of all apps, websites or any digital platform. By doing UX training, I give myself the opportunity to be able to solve the problems that users encounter in terms of interaction with the different interfaces and I like that.

The active learning of GOMYCODE is something remarkable

My first day here was fun and very interesting. I discovered the educational approach of GOMYCODE which I found unique. This way of putting the student at the center of the program and the role played by the instructor, who is so much more than a simple teacher. I find this active learning very interesting, and GOMYCODE has made something remarkable out of it.

The off-course discussions with instructors are helpful

I really like this interaction that exists between the students, and even that between the instructor and the students, which is anything but formal. These off-course discussions are a real plus because we learn a lot from the experience of our instructor. He knows how to put us at ease and pushes us to ask questions. He takes the time to answer them in the best possible way. This is a real plus.

Find your passions, and follow them

An advice? Find your passions, don't be afraid to follow them. No matter how difficult or even impossible, go for it and try to master them. You can't imagine the happiness that it brings to master something you are passionate about especially in the digital field which.

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